The Beginning

Why I Write

Jun 30, 2021 | Personal

How do you become a productive person? This question has been asked by many different people at many different times in many different places. The internet is home to many different “experts” who will give many different answers. However, the problem is that no one person says the same thing. And it is impossible to try every productivity system, hack, or tool. There are millions of blog posts, videos, books, and courses. I just can’t consume them all. Unfortunately, it is easy to enter into a consumption state instead of an action state. “If I read a few more articles, I’ll learn how to overcome procrastination.”, “If I try this productivity app, it’ll help me get more done”. I have fallen into this trap. Learning is an essential part of life, but it is useless without action. So, this post and what follows are a tool I am using to get out of a consuming state. My plan for this blog has three main purposes:

1. It will be a record of the productivity experiments I try

My interest in productivity began about six months ago when I had more free time. Since then, I have implemented many different changes in my life to be a more productive person. However, I haven’t really kept track of them or consciously assessed what worked, what didn’t, and why. This blog will force me to sit down and critically evaluate my habits.

2. It will help me become a better writer

By now, you can probably tell I am not great at this writing thing. I simply haven’t practiced writing in a long time, and there are so many nuances to it. I use “that” too much, I seem to love transition words, and I have a poor understanding of grammar. However, it is becoming more evident to me that my career and hobbies will include writing in some form or fashion. I need to develop this skill now so that I can successfully do it later. I also need to figure out the voice of my writing. Am I more casual? More academic? Hopefully, writing these posts will help me figure it out.

3. It will keep me accountable

I have learned enough already to determine that I need social motivation. I’m only in the gym consistently because I go with my roommate. A big reason I care about good grades is because most of my friends are on the president’s list, and I don’t want to be left out. This blog is public. People will see it. My mom will see it. So, I will be motivated to keep it up. Or else, people will know I didn’t follow through with my commitment.

So there it is. My first (and hopefully not last) post. I do fear that this will be another project I start and then just forget about. Many different people, at many different times, in many different places have started a blog like this. Hopefully, the ideas and tools I learn about will help this one succeed.