My Favorite Things

A collection of my favorite articles, books, websites, and other things


Writing in Public, Inside Your Company — Article

I have a deep respect for the written word. Writing helps me think, and makes me better at communicating. This article does a great job of explaining how those benefits can extend to a business setting.

Stratechery — Website

The most interesting, and comprehensive, blog about the business side of technology and media. This is where I learn about the internet, social media, and e-commerce.

Putting Ideas into Words — Article

This article explains the benefits of writing better than I ever could. If you're wondering why I write, read this.

Personal Devlopment

Deep Work — Book

"Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task." It's a skill that is increasingly rare for knowledge workers today. This book will explain why it's important, and how you can train yourself to do it.

Range — Book

I am a generalist. For a long time, I was worried about that. I've always heard specializing in a specific skill is the key to a great career. Range gives me hope for the generalists out there. This book shows how generalists are positioned to excel because of the variety of interests they have.

Why Procrastinators Procrastinate — Article

This article is a humerous and insightful look at why we procrastinate. Tim Urban's writing style is incredibly captivating. One day, I hope I can learn how to explain everyday issues like he can.

The Simple Path to Wealth — Book

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Farnam Street — Website

Lessons and insights that help you think better, learn faster, and make smart decisions.

What If You Could Do It All Over? — Article

One of pop culture's current obsessions is the concept of a mulitverse. The idea that our lives could have gone thousands of different ways can be interesting, but also haunting. What if you went to that other college? What if you applied to that job? What if you asked that person out? This article dives deep into these questions.